ADAM Audio at Kiln Studios


The Federal Audio & Kiln Studios ADAM Audio special event has passed. Sign up to our newsletter for all upcoming events.

A little about Kiln Studios: 

Located in Sydney's Inner West at St Peters, Kiln is a brand-new state-of-the art tracking and mix facility with two meticulously-designed recording studios, each with their own unique recording and production workflows. Studio One was designed specifically with the ADAM S5H in mind - a unique advantage to sample this premium speaker.

Not just a recording/mixing installation, Kiln Studios also incorporates a studio consultancy/acoustic design service to help shape and create audio environments from home/demo rooms to pro studios. Daniel Natoli of AKA Acoustics can consult on all matters relating to architectural acoustics, studio system development, sound insulation, speech intelligibility, loudspeaker modelling, audio system measurement and MATLAB-based DSP.

Kiln ADAM banner

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