ADAM Audio User Story - Paulie B at Yama Nui Studios

ADAM Audio User Story - Paulie B at Yama Nui Studios


Lord Tanuki brings a modern edge to productions with ADAM Audio A7X

 Paulie B Comic Style Cover

Brisbane & South East Queensland’s hot tropical climate has fuelled a thriving community of roots & reggae artists and DIY culture, from island festivals to radio shows to dub-drenched studios.

Premiere amongst this movement was The Tanuki Lounge, a modest studio upstairs from a bookshop in the centre of Brisbane’s cultural heart West End.

Manning the controls since the 90s has been Paul Bromley - bass player, engineer & producer for some of the regions most successful roots artists.

'Paulie B' is an ARIA award winning musician & producer, well known for his seamless & organic style. Producing since 2002 with 200+ releases he has worked with some of Australia’s most loved artists including Jordan Rakai, Ziggy Alberts, Bobby Alu, Ben Ely, Katie Noonan, Andrea Kirwin, Ash Grunwald and Mat McHugh with several ARIA gold & platinum releases in his discography.

Paulie B At Yama Nui

When not holding down the bottom-end for multi-platinum artists George & The Beautiful Girls, he was producing albums for festival favourites Dubmarine & Kingfisha, to name a few.

In the last two years Paulie B (AKA lord Tanuki Himself) has relocated the studio to its new location in the leafy Sunshine Coast hinterland and re-emerged as Yama-Nui studios - a recording and performance space with all the deep vibe of the original with some new tricks as well.

Yama Nui is a creative, relaxed recording space with vibes to spare and a natural expansion & embellishment of the old Tanuki flavour.

With the new build came updated monitoring in the form of ADAM Audio A7X.

Yama Nui

Paulie has used classic NS10 passive monitors in the studio since the beginning, and like many producers uses their limitations as an advantage.

“I love NS10s because they’re kinda just like a hifi”

“I can’t hear a lot of the extra frequencies that are going on when I’m on NS10s, so for me they’re really good for arranging because they’re not distracting – I’m not constantly thinking about frequencies and all the forensic stuff that I wanna do the music. 

“I’m basically hearing the chords, songs and the melody and it’s easy to forget about all the work that needs to be done when I’m listening on NS10s”

 Paulie B at Yama Nui

“When I need to make critical decisions they don’t really show me everything I need to know and I don’t always trust them.“ 

Then I flick over to a hi-fidelity studio monitor - something that’s properly curated - and I can hear that there’s plenty that needs to be done.”

In this case - the ADAM Audio A7X.

A7X at Yama Nui

Being a long time fan of ribbon microphones (he’s in possession of a vintage broadcast Toshiba ribbon mic that he lets slip is his ‘Secret Weapon’), he was keen to check out ADAM Audio’s famous ribbon tweeter technology, particularly as a modern counterpoint to his existing NS10 setup.

“It was curiosity that first brought me to them – I love the sound of high frequencies that are recorded with my ribbon microphones, I Iove how calm and clean the highs are and I thought - I want to hear monitors that are projecting that kind of high frequency back at me. “

“I can hear so much more high frequency content on my A7Xs than my NS10s (laughs) but it isn’t harsh, it doesn’t fatigue my ears – I can listen for long periods of time and it really helps figure out what’s going on up top.”

Paulie became enamoured with the ADAMs after listening to an album he’d just finished thru A7Xs.

 Mics at Yama Nui

“I actually heard the record that I’d made and I thought that it sounded fantastic - so I knew that I had an affinity with the way they were presenting music.”

“This is how I want this album to sound. The amount of low end extension, even in the A7Xs – I could hear it.”

“As bass player I do like  to feel a little bit immersed in the bottom end. I like to be surrounded by the sound  - like being on stage - and that helps me to make choices about where things should be.”

“It helps to put me in the spell l where I can make good choices. “

The COVID pandemic, although heavily compromising the touring capabilities of many musicians, has proven a fruitful time for studio work. Artists have been consolidating old material, writing new work and utilising the pandemic “downtime” to get music recorded.

Yama-Nui has been a busy creative hub for the extensive & diverse artistic community of the region.

Paulie B currently perform & tours worldwide with Bobby Alu & The Beautiful Girls.

 Discography of Yama Nui


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