ADAM Audio User Story - TAFE Qld

ADAM Audio User Story - TAFE Qld

 Higher Music Education with ADAM S Series in the River City

Located in the heart of Brisbane city, TAFE Qld Brisbane runs student courses in recording, performing & live sound fields, music business and higher education qualifications ably guided by educators Matt Taylor & Heath Storrie, Mary Carden, Rodney Holder, Ross Mclennan, Toby Loveland, Steve Francis, Rafe Sholer, John Daly. 


TAFE’s music and sound production facilities give students hands-on skills to prepare for a career in the music industry. With live performance spaces, recording studios, and industry-standard software, their music facilities have the bases covered in music tech.

Music and Sound production courses have been conducted at TAFE Brisbane since 1992, with a new facility purpose-built in 2008.

At this time ADAM Audio (S3X-H) monitors were selected as the main monitors in their flagship SSL room, and have become part of the facility’s DNA ever since.

Matt & Heath at TAFE Qld

When time came to update & expand their smaller project studios, the team opted to continue with ADAM and selected premium S Series monitors in a number of configurations.

Educational Team Manager Matt Taylor says these rooms needed to have high quality audio solutions that all the teachers felt  comfortable using - all agreed the Adam monitors were a level above the competition.

 The teaching labs at Southbank TAFE comprise of three newly equipped ADAM-equipped rooms.

Wall mounting the S2V in the two smaller teaching labs (22 student seat) ensures good dispersion and accurate sound through the extent of the room.


Likewise in the larger teaching lab (22 capacity) with S3Vs handling the bigger environment.

There are also three Project studios containing T5Vs and one larger Recording room (Studio B) containing A7Xs.

A larger lecture theatre has S3Hs in left, right & centre position, S2Vs in the rear and a SUB 15 for the lows, ensuring excellent dispersion and clarity at all points in the room.

Matt is no stranger behind the mixing board, having worked in studios around the world (Big Blue Meenie, (formerly Quantum Sound Studios)  New Jersey Studio), after earning his stripes at Blackbox Recording with Brisbane's Guitar Uber-Producer Jeff Lovejoy (Powderfinger, Cruel Sea) and Aria award winner Magoo (Regurgitator,  Midnight Oil)

Educator Heath Storrie says the new ADAM speaker will benefit students in a number of ways, with sonic clarity a practical imperative in the study labs.


Heath is a veteran of live sound production having toured throughout Australia and Europe. He has previously provided system engineering services to Australian Technical Production Company NW Group’s (Norwest Productions) and has FOH/Monitor Engineered many large festivals including the Byron Bay International Blues Festival.

Heath and Matt both studied at the TAFE themselves under the original course designer Ian Taylor - himself a veteran of relentless live production work through the vibrant Australian touring scene of the 80/90s.

Matt says one of the key aspects of TAFE’s teaching and teachers is the aim to get  graduates as prepared as possible for employment, and in doing so are incredibly well supported by the  industry, which gives students a genuine opportunity at further employment in the field, and exposure to work experience programs.

Matt & Heath at TAFE Qld 

The campus runs diploma courses covering, Sound Production, (studio and Live), Music Performance, Music Business, Certificate III & II (Certificate II & III in Music Inustry and a Bachelor of Creative Industries with Music as the Major.



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