ADAM 'S' Series Roadshow goes West to Kosmic Sound

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Its Perth's turn to check out the awesome new range of ADAM 'S' Series studio monitors this month. Kosmic Sound in Osborne Park will be demo-ing the S2V and the S3H from August 21 to the 1st of September.

Head on down to their showroom at 94 Hector Street West in Osborne Park and listen to the detail, clarity and power of these new loudspeakers - ADAM have redesigned their premium SX line and the updated features are very impressive. 

New features include a refined S-Art tweeter, redesigned drivers and a sleek new cabinet. Coupled with a powerful DSP engine and expansion ports, this new line of ADAM is a future classic.

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Contact the expert team at Kosmic or just drop in.
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ADAM S range

Innovation has been at the core of ADAM's business model, and the innovative new S Series loudspeakers won't disappoint! In this article we'll briefly look at the redesigned drivers. These have all been developed in conjunction with the new cabinet design to work hand-in-hand for a better, bigger sound while maintaining absolute accuracy.

S-ART tweeter
Ribbon tweeter technology has been a mainstay of ADAM's entire range of monitors and this latest release sees a tweaking of the production to extract more detail from those elusive high frequencies. The new 'S-ART' tweeter picks up where the X-Art left off with a more stringent production process to ensure the driver’s legendarily precise transient response and its ability to reproduce the finest of high-end details, free of distortion and with natural-sounding dynamics. Its everything you've come to expect of ADAM's famed top-end, and more.

ELE Bass Driver

The new S Series also boasts a completely redesigned woofer - engineered to provide higher sound levels during mixing and recording with the detail and accuracy that ADAM is known for. Dubbed the ELE (Extended Linear Excursion), the new bass driver is low-weight with optimised inner damping and has a highly rigid honeycomb cone. A new mechanical suspension allows the speaker a larger excursion in either direction, improving dynamic range and reducing distortion. More volume, more efficient, clearer sound.

 DCH Midrange Driver

All models in the range above S2V will have their midrange duties handled by the new DCH midrange driver - part cone and part dome driver. The extremely rigid one-piece drive element combines the clean decay characteristic and linear frequency response of a dome driver with the high excursion advantages of a cone driver, audibly improving transparency in the critical mid-range and producing excellent, distortion-free reproduction at high output levels.
Laminated carbon materials render it very stable preventing unwanted ringing and resonances- the kind that obscure sonic detail and produce listening fatigue. Reproduction remains extremely clean across the driver’s entire operational frequency range.

ADAM have also introduced a ground-breaking new DSP engine which provides crossover optimisation, voicing options and expansion potential.


ADAM Audio have developed a high-performance DSP engine especially for the S Series. It implements perfectly tuned crossovers, guaranteeing optimal frequency response, and a dynamic range greater than that offered by traditional analog crossovers, with no loss of resolution.

The DSP engine developed for the S Series provides users of all models in the range with a comprehensive array of options for in-room optimisation. The intuitive OLED display allows control over overall level, two parametric shelving filters (one for the bass, the other for the highs) as well as six further fully parametric EQs with variable Q that may be assigned to boost or cut level at specific frequencies.

ADAM S2V Rear Panel

Five memories are also provided to store voicing presets. On most S Series models, the first two of these are supplied by ADAM and are non-editable; the first is known as ‘Pure’ and is the factory default tuning, with an extremely accurate frequency response. The second is a dynamic, natural-sounding response curve of ADAM’s own design, which is known as UNR™ (the Uniform Natural Response). The remaining three memories are available to store users’ own personal voicing presets. Only on the new S3H is the situation slightly different; as on the rest of the S Series range, the non-editable Pure and UNR settings occupy the first two presets, but only the final two are available for user presets. The third memory on the S3H is a further non-editable option designed to emulate the sound of what is possibly ADAM’s best-known monitor, the highly regarded S3A.

The DSP also offers limiter-based protection, AES3 digital inputs, and connectors for future expansion options. A USB connector allows software upgrades and facilitates connection to computer-based editing software, so that voicing adjustments or preset selection can be carried out without the need to access the rear panel of your monitors – a useful option if they are soffit-mounted.


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