ADAM User Story - Little Street Studio

ADAM User Story - Little Street Studio

Gurpaal Bains at Little Street Studios

Tracking & Writing with ADAM Audio S3V & Sub12

Brisbane’s vibrant Fortitude Valley has been the cultural centre of the city for over 30 years.

With a plethora of clubs, venues and late night bars the Valley has been the musical hot spot for any number of artists, DJs and bands.

Little Street Studio

Nestled in the middle of this hub is the new studio project of Gurpaal Bains - Little Street Studios.

Part live-in writing room, part track/mix facility, the space is jammed with a jaw-dropping array of synths, modular racks and keyboards - all brought to life with an ADAM Audio S3V & Sub12 monitoring system.

The Studio aims to provide a unique and modern studio offering tailored to music producers and artists wanting to further their creative vision in a forward thinking and intuitive environment.

Little Street Studio Exterior

Says Gurpaal “The core idea behind the space was to make a hybrid studio that was as hands on and as workflow orientated as possible that facilitated collaboration and musical exploration without any of the usual hindrances that can sometimes arise from working 'outside of the box.'

“All of the hardware / sound sources in the room are always on, midi'd up and ready to be tracked. This combined with some of the templates and routings we've got set up on our studio computer allow you to reach for a Prophet 10 or a Minimoog and use it as seamlessly as if it were a VST plugin. The layout of the room was also designed with collaboration in mind, allowing 2 or 3 people enough room to all explore ideas and collaborate at the same time.”

The immersive space is designed for exploration of new ideas on a variety of high-end hardware and sound sources in a professionally treated and tested acoustic environment (designed in conjunction with acoustic wizards Ultrafonic)

A generous-sized vocal booth sits at one end of the room for live tracking & overdubs, a full turntable/vinyl setup at the other.

The Courtyard furthers the vision of the studio by providing an intimate outdoor space to showcase and foster creativity and collaboration. Flexible in terms of sound, lighting and decor, it is an ideal space for intimate live shows and performances, EP launches, art exhibitions, photoshoots, pop-up activations and more.

Little Street Studio Interior

Gurpaal was a long time user of ADAM Audio s before making the jump to S Series for the new studio build, which took almost two years to complete.

He’s more than happy with the end result - the ADAM Audio S3V & Sub12 system provides a big vibe for writing and producing without sacrificing detail or clarity.

"The Adam S3V's combined with the Sub12 are just fantastic as a full range system. It's very easy to discern what's happening in the low end, crucial to a lot of styles and genres that are being explored in the studio and they translate to other system's whether it be club or car incredibly well.

“The wide sweet spot of the S3V's has been really great for us also, you can still clearly hear what's happening while standing well off to the side, this has proven crucial for tracking synth parts along our synth wall.”

What started out as a run down commercial kitchen with some serious building issues now houses a forward thinking electronic music-focused recording studio, a residential studio apartment and an open air courtyard and exhibition space.

Pics: Andre Cois

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