Amphion Introduces the FlexBase25

FlexBase25 at Federal Audio

After introducing a series of near-field passive studio monitors four years ago and releasing the BaseOne25 and BaseTwo25 subwoofers, Amphion introduces the FlexBase25.

With the FlexBase25 Amphion remains true to its concept of developing innovative and unconventional studio monitoring products.

The new product is not a typical subwoofer, but a highly flexible stereo bass extension and management system with separate LFE channel input, which is equally suitable for stereo and multi-channel applications.

The extensive customisation options of the FlexBase25 allow the user to customise the subwoofer according to personal taste or task.

The crossover frequency of the FlexBase25 can be set in a wide range of 35-260 Hz.

The ability to control mono / stereo spread ensures that the subwoofer will be optimally integrated into the monitor system even when a higher crossover frequency is used.

Unlike traditional subwoofers, the system is easy to configure and intuitive to use.

The LFE input has a sensitivity of +10 dB compared to the main channels, but no built-in low-pass filter. The LFE channel can be connected to multiple units, allowing the construction of 7.1 and more multi-channel systems.

FlexBase25 is a complete system consisting of a subwoofer with two 10 "speakers, required cabling and electronics.

The subwoofer is powered by an Amphion FlexAmp500, which also houses the company's own filter module in its 2U rack enclosure.



  • Variable crossover frequency allows changing the flavour of the system to match the specifics of the various production tasks.
  • Mono/stereo spread adjustment to ensure precise system-integration, even when higher crossover points are used.
  • Allows linking of the LFE channel between several units to build 7.1 and upwards systems.

The Amphion FlexBase25 will be available from the first week in December.

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