Carl Cox & Christopher Coe: Awesome Soundwave & ADAM Audio

Carl Cox at El Rancho Studio

Primo DJ & EDM superstar Carl Cox has been busy since we last spoke in 2018. He’s finished construction of his studio, “El Rancho” and launched a new label venture Awesome Sound Wave with artist/producer Christopher Coe (of Digital Primate fame).

With a focus on Techno artists that perform live, Awesome Sound Wave finds its home in Carl’s ADAM-equipped studio in Melbourne, Australia.

Carl Cox & Christopher Coe at El Rancho Studio

El Rancho has soffit-mounted S3H for midfield monitoring, a natural progression for long-time S3X-H user Carl. With twelve months of studio refining & development under their belt, the production team couldn’t be happier.

“We are really happy with these, we flick between these and the (Main Monitor) Augspurgers and are getting great results. The Adams help us hear detail in the top end and to get a different perspective on the mix … they have some depth too that allows us to judge how we are doing with the bottom end. It is a nice combination!” says Christopher.

ADAM Audio S3H

“Quality of sound is vital.. we purposefully designed and built the room first to be as  flat as possible in the low end but to retain some life in the upper mids and tops as we didn't want a deadened studio room, that just leads to problems in the end I believe.

“So, Justin Tressider, our acoustic designer designed a room that dealt with the low end really effectively and allowed for nice diffusion of tops without direct reflections and any weird phase issues.. it really is an amazing sounding room! So, in short, it is so important that we spent a lot of time, effort and money on making sure we could hear as true a sound as possible without it being boring!”

Carl Cox & Christopher Coe at El Rancho Studios - ADAM Audio

Christopher says low-end detail is crucial when mixing, and the S-Art tweeter in the S3H helps define the higher frequencies.

Carl & Christopher have recently added a set of ADAM T5V’s to the monitor line-up.

“We have just started using them as near fields… our room was set up for midfield monitoring but I felt it would be nice to get back into some near field mixing and hear how we go.. 

“I like them, they are fairly flat … I am enjoying hearing close up the mid range detail. I think now between the three systems we have a solid reference combination”

Carl Cox at work at El Ranchio Studio Melbourne

“Now we really know the room, it is great to have the monitoring options we have … the ADAMS allow us to hear so much detail.” 

Christopher is looking forward to a busy year ahead for Awesome Sound Wave…

Mat Playford's brilliant album Solar is coming up at the start of July followed by Saytek's album Improvisations in August, then we’ve got a brilliant live artist and producer Julien Chaptal releasing his album in October and another amazing album from Australian live artist David Haberfeld (AKA Honeysmack) ... and so much more in the works…"

Busy times ahead!

Pics: Sophie Howarth

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