For listening - new headphone profiles in SoundID Reference

For listening - new headphone profiles in SoundID Reference

147 new headphone profiles have been released in SoundID Reference with the 5.2.0 update!

While previously Reference only featured on-ear and over-ear models, the new profiles also include popular earbuds and in-ear models from brands like 1MORE, Apple, Beats, Bose, Oppo, Samsung, Sennheiser, Shure, and many more (full ist below).

These headphone profiles have already been available on our SoundID app for music listeners, and due to popular user demand, they are now available in SoundID Reference too! 

NOTE! SoundID Reference 5.2.0 update (or later) is required to access the new profiles - they will not be available in earlier versions of Reference. Download here.

For listening - what does that mean?

For listening means that our audio engineers recommend using these calibration profiles for recreational listening rather than critically working with audio (e.g. mixing, mastering, sound design, and other music production activities).

There are multiple reasons for this recommendation (listed below). This means that the flat sound can’t be guaranteed throughout the entire frequency spectrum within the SoundID SR (Studio Reference) target of ±3 dB.

Earbuds and in-ear headphones - these headphone types sound subjective due to bass seal (individual fit in the ear), and different ear canal shapes, so there is a natural translation issue present. We can’t guarantee you will hear a flat sound.

Headphone build characteristics - some headphone model shapes, drivers, and certain hardware components can cause resonance in specific frequencies that can’t be fully calibrated digitally. Additionally, some models are unable to produce specific frequencies loud enough for the same reasons. This means that the flat sound can’t be achieved throughout the entire frequency spectrum.

Inconsistent headphone builds - some headphone models have significant frequency response differences between L/R channels, or between different units of the same model. In this case, an accurate average profile can’t be created to account for all these differences. Individual headphone calibration can solve this issue (available for over-ear and on-ear headphones only).

Sonarworks suggest trying the new calibration profile for yourself to see if it works for you. Here are some tips to get you started:

Compare the new profiles to other headphone models on the list

Compare the new profiles to a calibrated speaker set

Adjust the profile using the Custom Target feature, to get the profile closer to flat, if you can pin down some discrepancies in the profile by comparing it to other calibrated headphone/speaker profiles

Wireless models still missing?

If you are familiar with the headphone profiles available in the SoundID app for music listeners, you will notice that a lot of models (like Apple AirPods, for example) are still missing in SoundID Reference. These are mostly wireless headphone models.

The reason for them being excluded (for now) is Bluetooth issues. SoundID Reference does not yet have a bulletproof mechanism for handling Bluetooth device issues like uncommon sample rate settings and other problems. This means that functionality issues with these models would be very likely.

Bluetooth device handling improvements are planned next year, and the missing models will be added once the problems are resolved! 

More supported models coming

The list of For listening profiles will grow with new additions over time, just like it is growing with the regular profile additions. Stay tuned and enjoy listening!

Full list of new headphone profiles supported with the 5.2.0 update release:

1MORE - Dual Driver (E1017)
1MORE - Quad Driver (E1010)
1MORE - Spearhead VRX (H1006)
1MORE - Triple Driver (E1001)
AKG - K361-BT
AKG - K371-BT
AKG - N60 NC
AKG - N60 NC
AKG - N60 NC Wireless
Anker - Soundcore Life Q20
Apple - EarPods
Apple - In-Ear Headphones
Asus - ZenFone in-ears
Audio-Technica - ATH-WS1100iS
Avantree - Aria Me
Avantree - Aria Me
B&O Play - Beoplay H3 (2nd generation)
Beats - Powerbeats3
Beats - X
Beyerdynamic - Aventho Wired
Beyerdynamic - Aventho Wireless
Beyerdynamic - DT 1350
Beyerdynamic - T 5 p (2nd generation)
Bose - 700
Bose - QuietComfort 20
Bose - QuietComfort 20
Bose - QuietControl 30
Bowers & Wilkins - PX7
Bowers & Wilkins - PX7
Cleer - Enduro 100
Corsair - Virtuoso RGB Wireless
Corsair - Virtuoso RGB Wireless
Corsair - Void Pro
Cowin - E7
Edifier - H180
Edifier - H180
Fender - CXA1
FiiO - F9
Fun Generation - HP 5
Gateway - G-Buds stock black
HiFiMAN - HE 400S
HiFiMAN - HE 560
HTC - U11/U11+
Huawei - Active Noise Canceling Earphones 3
Huawei - Bass Earphones
Huawei - Classic (CM33)
Huawei - Engine (AM12)
Huawei - FreeBuds 3
HyperX - Cloud Earbuds - Buttons
Jabra - Move
Jaybird - X3
JBL - T110
JBL - T450BT
Kennerton - Magni
Klipsch - Image S4 (II)
Klipsch - R6
Klipsch - T5M
Koss - KPH7G
Koss - KSC75
Koss - Pro-4AA
KZ - AS10
KZ - ES4
KZ - ZS10
KZ - ZS10 Pro
KZ - ZS3
KZ - ZS6
LG - QuadBeat 3
Logitech - G430
Logitech - G633 (Battlefield 1)
Logitech - G933
Logitech - G933
Marshall - Mode
Master & Dynamic - MH40 Wireless
MEE audio - M6 PRO
Monster - iBeats by Dr. Dre
Motorola - G7 Plus in-ear
Mpow - 59
OneOdio - DJ
Oppo - MH145
Oppo - MH150
Panasonic - RP-HJE125 Ergo Fit
Philips - TAPH805
Philips - TAPH805
Philips - TAPH805
Philips - TAPH805
Plantronics - BackBeat GO 810
Plantronics - BackBeat GO 810
Plantronics - BackBeat GO 810
Plantronics - BackBeat GO 810
qdc - 8SS
qdc - Anole V3-S
qdc - Gemini
qdc - Gemini
qdc - Neptune
RHA - MA390 Universal
RHA - S500 Universal
RHA - T20
Roland - RH-5
Samsung - A5
Samsung - Earphones Tuned by AKG (EO-IG955)
Samsung - Galaxy S6, S7
Schok - freedomHD
Sennheiser - Momentum Wireless [M2 AEBT]
Sennheiser - Momentum Wireless [M2 AEBT]
Sennheiser - CX 300-II
Sennheiser - HD 100
Sennheiser - HD 450BT
Sennheiser - HD 450BT
Sennheiser - HD 518
Sennheiser - IE 300
Sennheiser - IE 80 S
Sennheiser - Momentum In-Ear
Sennheiser - RS 175
Shure - Aonic 3
Shure - SE215
Shure - SE535
Shure - SE846
Shure - SRH750DJ
Skullcandy - INK'D
Skullcandy - Smokin’ Buds 2
Sony - MDR-EX15AP
Sony - MDR-EX15LP
Sony - MDR-EX450AP
Sony - MDR-V55
Sony - MDR-XB50AP
SoundMAGIC - E10
Steelseries - Arctis 3
Steelseries - Siberia v3 Prism
TiN Audio - T2
TiN Audio - T2 Pro
TiN Audio - T3
Urbanears - Plattan 2
Urbanears - Plattan 2 Bluetooth
Urbanears - Plattan ADV Wireless
Vivo - XE680
Vivo - XE710
V-Moda - M-200
V-Moda - XS
Xiaomi - Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD
Xiaomi - Mi Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones

Feel free to submit a support request if you have any questions!

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