Free Plugin with ADAM product registration

Free Plugin with ADAM product registration

ADAM Audio has just announced that users who register their ADAM products on the MyADAM section of their website will receive free plugins to download.

Currently on offer to ADAM Audio users is Obelisk, a MIDI Chord Builder VST/AU plugin from UK-based audio software developer Frozenplain. Oblelisk makes writing chord progressions and exploring new harmonies for melodic lines much more straightforward, by transforming each MIDI note you play into a harmony that (optionally) matches the key and scale of the track you are working in. The structure of the harmony is created by selecting intervals on the right of the GUI, or by loading up one of the many chord presets. By simply pressing a few notes on your keyboard, you can quickly and easily create the harmonic basis of your new track.

Also, on offer to those who register their ADAM products on the MyADAM section of their website is the option of increasing the warranty period of their ADAM products from 2 to a total of 5 years.

The MyADAM area is a handy platform for users, as it provides relevant information and insights into everything ADAM Audio. Available are user manuals, product sheets, technical data and more.

The application of the extended warranty is eligible for anyone who has purchased a speaker either from the T Series, AX Series, S Series or Subwoofer range or an SP-5 headphone from an authorised ADAM Audio dealer.

For more information, head over to ADAM Audio.

To check out ADAM Audio’s products, click here.

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