Locomotive Audio & Weight Tank now at Federal Audio

Locomotive Audio now at Federal Audio

The new products just keep coming at Federal Audio - we're now supplying Locomotive Audio & Weight Tank studio outboard in Australia. 

Hand-wired point-to-point in St Louis Missouri, Locomotive Audio create modern professional audio gear based on the simple ideas of handmade, high-quality gear with an aesthetically pleasing tone of yesteryear. Their all-valve range currently consists of a vari-mu compressor (the 14B) and a mic preamp/DI (the 286A). 

The comp is reminiscent of the Fairchild/Federal sound but with much more control and faster attack and is becoming a favourite of mix engineers like Dave Pensado.


The 286 mic pre/DI has a sound that sits somewhere between the sought-after REDD.47 and the SOLO/610 - part British Invasion, part American classic.

Locomotive Audio believes that the highly skilled and artistic approach to meticulously hand-wired circuits is a dwindling craft. Their point-to-point and turret board designs mean that attention to detail and build time is much greater than mass-produced equipment on assembly lines overseas. 

Weight Tank Compressor

The Weight Tank compressor is a slightly darker more vintage version of the 14B Vari-mu, and comes in a little more affordable. Its still made in the USA and offers a great degree of control and all the vintage colour you want to dial in. 

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