New Sonarworks Box - Same Great Sound ID Performance!

New Sonarworks Box - Same Great Sound ID Performance!

Sonarworks have re-packaged their insanely popular speaker/headphone calibration software. Its a little smaller and more eco-friendly than the larger packaging. The full Sound ID Version (with Mic) will come in the same-sized box as the XREF Measurement Mic by itself - its clearly labelled though.

Sound ID New Box

Sonarworks' Sound ID Reference software at a glance:

Mix With Confidence- Stop second-guessing yourself and trust every decision.

Reference Standard - The only market solution providing ultimate accuracy for consistent reference sound between your speakers and headphones.

Perfect Translation - Create music that sounds great on phones, laptops, earbuds, or wherever else its played.

Improved Collaboration - Get only relevant feedback by working on the same reference sound regardless of distance or the gear you have.

Work From Anywhere - Seamlessly switch between speakers, headphones, and rooms. You’ll hear a flat, consistent sound wherever you go.

Finish Tracks Faster - Make better decisions and spend less time fixing mistakes.

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