Pepperdeck's DJ Tuna Knobs now at Federal

Tuna Knobs on iPad at Federal Audio

Pepperdecks DJ Tuna Knobs are now available at Federal Audio. These attachable knobs for iPads are going to be music to bedroom DJs' ears!

Tuna Knobs can be attached to any apps that use radial sliders to control things like pitch, volume and gain

Tablets are revolutionising music production and DJ performances. But the absence of knobs to fiddle with seriously harms their appeal to old pros and imprecise touchscreens frequently turn flowing mixes into inelegant mash-ups. But what if you could just stick one to the screen?

Tuna KNobs

Tuna Knobs -- spawned out of a small Dutch design company, Tweetonig -- are small dials that attach to any capacitive surface and act as a radial stylus. The soft-touch rubber grips surrounding the knobs are actually conductive themselves, so the dial isn't active until the DJ's fingers are on them. The rubber grips rotate around a central axis, which attaches to the screen by suction cups, making them easy to attach wherever the on-screen dial appears.

Anatomy of a Tuna Knob

Many of electronic music's top acts incorporate an iPad somewhere in the plethora of devices surrounding their decks, but bedroom DJs are also abandoning hardware entirely in favour of the small form-factor and multi-functionality of tablets. The upside of not having to lug heavy equipment everywhere is counteracted by the lack of tactile feedback and often-messy and imprecise sliders. But Tuna Knobs solve that issue with attachable dials.

The knobs themselves have been designed around the iOS app TouchOSC, but are optimised for use on Korg iMS-20, Korg iElectrive, IL Remote, Lemur, TouchAble, d(--)b and iDJ2GO, too.

Pepperdecks DJoclte Mini Mixer

Also available is the DJoclate - a go-anywhere 2-channel pocket-size DJ mixer that doesn’t require battery power. Mix two sound sources on the go with two full size faders and additional bass killswitches.

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