S-Logic® Plus Technology & the ADAM SP-5

When it came time for renowned speaker manufacturer ADAM Audio to release a headphone product, they faced a major challenge - How could they translate their trademark precision sound into a headphone format without their signature ground-breaking accelerated ribbon technology? The answer came with a collaboration with German headphone manufacturer Ultrasone.

Both firms are engineering-focused & run by professionals who are passionate about creating products that offer the best possible audio reproduction.

For more than 25 years Ultrasone has been developing innovative technologies to improve the private listening experience of its users.

Ultrasone Headphone Company - Germany

At the heart of this pursuit is their patented S-Logic® technology - a unique way of positioning sound transducers to create a larger sound stage, and give music more dimensionality and a better spatial quality.

This is achieved by arranging speakers de-centrally to utilise the natural reflections of the inner ear, as opposed to aiming directly at the ear canal like most common headphones.

S-Logic Graphic

How does S-Logic® Natural Surround Sound work?

S-Logic® sends music around your head not just into it, because this technology uses decentralised driver positioning.

Did you know that you use and need the outer ear for your three-dimensional understanding to define the direction and distance where a sound comes from?

Instead of hitting the inner ear directly, with S-Logic® the signals are reflected off the surface of the outer ear in different directions before entering the auditory canal to create a natural three-dimensional Sound.

ADAM SP-5 at FederalAudio

S-Logic® is the only headphone system which includes your entire sense of hearing. Rather than change your personal hearing, it intensifies it for your individual needs and listening pleasure - You can hear the sound just the way the sound engineer has mastered it.

Close-Up of ADAM Sp-5 speaker position

In addition to a more natural surround sound sensation, S-Logic® allows a reduction of sound pressure levels at the eardrum by up to 40% (3 – 4 dB). This may reduce the risk of hearing damage while ensuring hours of fatigue-free listening.

During ADAM SP-5’s design, the components were carefully selected, iteratively re-voiced and tuned, and changes were made to its diaphragm and housing based on direction from ADAM Audio’s engineers. 

Crafted for audio professionals and precision-engineered in Germany, the
SP-5 offers the same balanced and finely nuanced sound as the flagship
S-Series studio monitors.

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