Sonarworks has been re-imagined as SoundID Reference. This new version has the awesome capabilities from Reference 4 with the addition of great new features.

You can now personalise target curves to tweak your sound to your liking.

SoundID Reference now includes a range of Translation Check modes which drops your mix into different profiles - iPhone, Car Stereo, Mixcubes, TVs and more. This way you can preview your mix on different devices without leaving your mix position!

New drivers ensures near-zero latency in Systemwide mode.

The measurement process is unchanged and retains the ease of use and consistency (+/- 0.9%) Sonarworks users are used to.

All Reference 4 buyers who activate their license starting from February 1, 2021 and ending with May 9, 2021 will be eligible for a free upgrade to SoundID Reference. The eligible grace period users will upgrade from their User Account page, (upgrade keys won't be emailed).

Sonarworks Reference system uses advanced patent-pending technologies to measure and calibrate your speakers, room & headphones.

Automatic Microphone Positioning System (AMPS) and Perceived Acoustic Power Frequency Response (PAPFR) measurement technology create an array of data tied specifically to the chosen audio playback region relative to the physical surroundings, highlighting any deviations in the audio spectra due to any dampening or sound augmenting elements arriving to the human ear.

The calibration is carried out by Sonarworks Audio Calibration Filter Engine (ACFE) that also includes Speaker Range Extension (SRE) technology to extend or limit the high and low end response of the target speaker system.

SoundID Reference is the most popular speaker/headphone calibration/adjustment software in the world (70,000 studios and counting!) and is endorsed by 45 Grammy-awarded engineers.