About Us

Established in 2010, Federal Audio is the Australian distributor for ADAM Audio professional monitors. We supply ADAM Audio pro models to a network of ADAM dealers nationwide.

We also supply a range of professional recording products from some of the finest manufacturers around.
We regularly check international pricing so you can be confident our Federal Audio webstore is at overseas price parity or thereabouts. Check with our local ADAM dealers for up to date offers. If you have a query, don't hesitate to contact us.
It goes without saying, all our products are all backed with manufacturer's warranty and first class support.

Beyond our featured brands we have access to many other products, if you have an urgent need, or are looking something specific, please check with us for pricing and availability.


At Federal Audio we believe your choice of monitoring is the most important pro audio decisions you’ll make.
Whether you are recording, editing, mixing or mastering, you can only make critical judgements based on the information you are presented with.
If your monitoring is compromised in any way, that information can be unreliable.
To that end, we represent three premium brands that give the very best monitoring solutions to ensure you can implicitly trust in what you are hearing.

ADAM Audio

A complete range of active monitors to suit every budget and circumstance. From the mid-level AX Series to the new, premium S Series, ADAM Audio has become known for their stunning detail delivered by their X-ART (ribbon) tweeters.


The X-ART tweeter delivers outstanding measured specifications and extraordinary reliability which provides the best possible reproduction of audio signals.

And what the X-ART tweeter does for high frequencies, ADAM bass drivers bring to the low end, that same ability to reproduce sound with the highest level of accuracy and realism using a mix of composite materials.
That these innovations are copied by so many other brands, is a testament to the fact that ADAM monitors have established themselves of the monitoring choice for many producers and leading studios worldwide. Listen to ADAM here.


There is an old pro audio statement along the lines of ‘get it sounding good on a brutal pair of monitors and it will translate well to anything’.
But that suggestion was for the music and speakers of over 30 years ago. Our modern sonic requirements and music have moved immeasurably from that time.


Amphion addresses these 21st century demands with a range of passive nearfield and midfield monitor options that deliver on the promise of ’translation’.
Known for their even dispersion, exceptional tonal balance and clarity, Amphions present your audio with a beautiful honesty.
Working with Amphions will help you make decisions faster, more reliably, and with a greater consistency.
Big claims for sure, but there’s now a large body of well respected mix and mastering engineers around the world who trust in Amphion’s ability to translate their work flawlessly to all mediums. Listen to Amphion here.


Whether it’s a home office with no acoustic treatment, a studio with sub-standard monitoring, or if you’re mobile, we can find ourselves increasingly working in less than perfect acoustic environments.
A good set of headphones can overcome that and provide a monitoring option every bit as good as a high end set of monitors in a treated room.


But most headphones in the pro market use inexpensive generic components and mass produced cone drivers that exhibit inherent flaws such as uneven frequency response and a slow transient response.

Audeze has addressed those issues to develop range of headphones based around cutting edge technologies. The LCD range provides all the punch, detail and resolution of a high-end set of monitors, without bringing your room acoustics into play.
Essentially they are all open back designs (although the LCD-XC provides a closed option), not so much a headphone for recording but rather, for writing, mixing and mastering.