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Adam Meets Sonarworks

***** This Promotion has now Concluded *****


For a limited time ADAM Audio & Sonarworks are teaming up to get your studio sounding perfect.

In May & June this year, every pair of monitors in the AX range will come bundled with a Sonarworks XREF20 reference microphone & room calibration software Reference 4 (6 month trial with discounted upgrade path*). 

Calibrate your mix room to perfectly match your AX monitors & work with confidence knowing you're getting the flattest possible sound.

Sonarworks Reference 4 software maps your room & speaker response and calibrates your output signal accordingly, giving you the truest representation of your source audio.

“Fixing the monitoring environment — or ‘the room’ — has always been the biggest obstacle music creators face in achieving reference audio,” commented Martins Popelis, Co-Founder & VP Products, Sonarworks. “By integrating our software expertise with ADAM Audio’s best-in-class monitoring systems, we are set to overcome this challenge — so there is nothing standing in the way of achieving truly reliable, reference sound.”

Combined with ADAM Audio AX's precision loudspeaker performance, this bundle is a powerhouse audio production tool for critical listening.

Room correction with pro-level monitoring. Detail meets confidence.

The promotion runs from May 1st thru to June 30th at all Australian ADAM dealer locations. Available on A3X, A5X, A7X, A8X, A77X

*- Upgrade online to full Reference 4 for 199 euro

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