ADAM AX Series Studio Monitors

*- AX Series monitors have now been replaced with the new ADAM Audio A Series.

The now-discontinued AX-Series from ADAM Audio were a wide range of monitors for different applications. Their excellent price-performance ratio makes them suitable for professional studio applications as well as upscale home recording.

Many technical innovations from the high end SX-Series can also be found in the AX models. Chamfered upper corners on the cabinet fronts minimize edge diffraction so that phase cancellation is not an issue. Speaker interiors are equipped with a special fleece that prevents disturbing internal resonances as well as ensuring better bass reflex tuning. The power switch and volume control are easily accessible on the front panel for greater ease of use. The front-firing bass ports are very useful as well, allowing the monitors to be set up closer to a wall if need be.

While the bass/mid woofer of the A3X is made of carbon fiber – an extremely resistant material – the woofers of all other AX models are built using a sandwich construction of woven carbon and glass fiber in conjunction with the synthetic material Rohacell. These three materials in combination provide an ultra-lightweight yet extremely rigid woofer with excellent transient response. 

All AX-Series models feature two discrete amplifiers: an A/B amp that functions very quickly within its broad frequency range drives the X-ART tweeter. In the A5X, A7X and A77X monitors, the bass/mid- range woofers are each driven by powerful and highly efficient pulse-width modulated (PWM) amplifiers that do not require additional heat sinks and are more reliable and durable than other amplifiers.

All models of the AX-Series are equipped with ADAM’s signature X-ART tweeter. The handmade tweeter works according to our proprietary X-ART principle, based on a slim, pleated foil working as the tweeter's diaphragm. Precise transient response and the capability to reproduce the finest sonic detail make the AX-Series monitors superior working tools.

AX-Series are designed in Germany and come with a two year warranty, extendable to five years free with product registration.