Online cowboys

Online Cowboys - Beware!

With regard to imports; with currency markets moving as fast as they do, I can't say our prices are at parity each and every day but Federal Audio will endeavour to keep pricing as close to international import pricing as possible. When you factor in the actual exchange rate, freight, and GST, in most instances the difference is negligible and sometimes we are even cheaper. 

With the popularity of ADAM Audio, Amphion, Audeze, Bettermaker etc there's been an explosion of online cowboys who grey import the product to sell online, seemingly at great prices but all is not as it seems.

These products, although covered by international warranty, are not covered by Australian warranty so they will need to be sent back to the country of origin for any warranty repairs. Federal Audio is serious about supporting local dealers and local customers and as such will either directly replace goods faulty out of the box or expediate repairs with our nationwide service techs. 

Names that spring to mind that have passed themselves as "dealers" are AudioBuy, GlobalSound, dMavo, Vestro, Highpass... as general rule of thumb; if they are not listed in our dealer listing then chances are the goods are not covered by warranty and will not be supported by Federal Audio. Audiobuy for instance state a 12 month, back to base warranty (upon registration ADAM warranty is actually 5 years) which means if something goes wrong, you're sending your goods back to the US or Europe. In most cases these "stores" add no value to the product with advice or support but rather are backyard opportunists looking to profit from spinning hype and half truths to unwary customers and in some cases, are downright lying, not supplying goods and cheating people out of money.

A google search or two should throw up any flagged transactions, and usually forums like Whirlpool will have disaffected customers ringing alarms. Check their FAQ as well. dMavo for instance listed in theirs that they do not supply a receipt, are not registered for GST and quote delivery time of anything up to 45 days. That should alarm most but if you're still unsure, don't hesitate to contact us directly.