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The T Series is ADAM Audio’s new range of affordable, professional 2-way powered studio monitors, offering extremely high performance in an affordable package. T Series comes in two models: the T5V (5” woofer) and the T7V (7” woofer).

The monitors’ small dimensions belie their outstanding performance: Their wide frequency response, high dynamic range, excellent transient response, wide sweet spot and small footprints make both monitors perfectly suited for use in small control rooms for music production, video post-production and radio broadcast. And because of its attractive price point the T Series monitors are a great fit for modest budgets.

Featuring the ribbon tweeter, DSP & waveguide technology pioneered in their professional studio line of monitors, the T series is designed from the ground up to achieve maximum bang-for-buck. 

100% ADAM. For less.

ADAM T Series offers a performance level never before seen at this price point. We believe they are the new benchmark for under-$1000 monitoring and we invite you to listen & compare with all other brand options.

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