service & Warranty

Servicing for ADAM Audio is done through the following service agents:

If you need to make a warranty repair claim, please assist us by contacting us before taking it to a service agent. Include your product details, serial number, purchase date, invoice number and a fault description. We may also require a copy of your invoice to verify it's warranty status.

Federal Audio will always endeavour to undertake warranty repair claims as soon possible. But like all other suppliers, we sometimes have to wait for bench time, parts and unforeseen circumstances. Please be patient and we will try and communicate any delays to you.

Parts enquires for ADAM Audio should be directed through here.

Please contact Federal Audio for all other service and support enquiries for Amphion, Bettermaker, Miktek, and Måag.

Register your T, AX, SX, S or ProSeries ADAM Product here: