Sontronics Lifetime Warranty

Sontronics products are renowned for their reliability which is why they are the only microphone brand in the world to be able to offer a no-fuss LIFETIME WARRANTY on all their new microphones. Read on for more information about our warranty and our customer service and support…

All Sontronics products (our microphones plus capsules & accessories) are covered by a standard manufacturer's two-year warranty, but for microphones Sontronics will upgrade this to a LIFETIME WARRANTY free of charge if you register your new microphone within 30 days of purchase (see below for details).

This LIFETIME WARRANTY covers the first owner of the microphone (when purchased new from an authorised Sontronics stockist) against any problems caused by (thankfully extremely rare) faults in manufacturing or components.

If you discover a problem with your microphone, contact us at Federal Audio or contact Sontronics directly, and you will be told how to return your microphone to your nearest service centre or to Sontronics HQ. The microphone will be checked and, if the fault is covered by our warranty, repaired or replaced and returned to you as soon as possible. If it is found that the fault is due to something not covered by our warranty, we will inform you of the problem and let you know how much it will cost to put right.

We know that accidents can happen and if for any reason you have caused damage to your microphone's body or the internal parts, or if you find that your microphone has inexplicably stopped working, then let us help you put it right.

Contact Sontronics with a description of what has happened and they’ll decide what you need to do. Sometimes we can troubleshoot the problem straight away (giving you instructions by phone or email) but in most cases we'll ask you to send it back to us (or your nearest Sontronics service centre) to be checked over. Don't forget that attempting to repair or even open the microphone yourself will invalidate your warranty, so contact us first!

As stated in the User Guide that comes with each of Sontronics’ ribbon mics (SigmaDeltaApollo), ribbons experience wear and tear through their lifetime, so they are not covered by the Lifetime Warranty. Ribbons are like car tyres: how frequently you use the car (mic) and how hard you push it will determine how often your tyres (ribbons) need to be replaced.

If you accidentally damage your ribbon (for example, by placing it too close to a source with a high SPL) or if you find the sound of your mic has changed over time due to the ribbon stretching, Sontronics can carry out a ribbon replacement at a fixed cost of £90 (includes all parts, a general mic service and VAT) plus return postage.

The ARIA valve/tube microphone comes with its own power supply, so it does not require phantom power. As stated in the user guide that comes with ARIA, you should ensure that phantom power is switched off on any device (interface, mixer, soundcard) you are using in the same audio chain. This can usually be done via a switch or button on the device itself but sometimes it must be switched off within the controller software. Allowing phantom power to reach the ARIA runs the risk of damaging the valve and other components inside the microphone, and will invalidate your warranty.

If using a microphone with an external power supply you must ensure that you have selected the correct voltage option for your country. Failure to do so can result in serious damage to your microphone but it will also invalidate your warranty and could also cause injury!


To upgrade your microphone's 2-year warranty to our unique Sontronics Lifetime Warranty, please email Sontronics at with the following information within 30 days of purchase…

1. Your name
2. Your phone number (optional)
3. Town/city & country where you live
4. Microphone model (eg, Sigma, STC-2, DM-1B)
5. Serial number (usually found on a small silver sticker)
6. Date purchased
7. Where purchased (name of store)
8. Feel free to add any COMMENTS about your new microphone

You will receive an email, usually within 48 hours, confirming that your Lifetime Warranty has been activated.


• The SONTRONICS Lifetime Warranty covers all Sontronics microphones introduced since 2008 (ie, not our discontinued STC-5 or our original-model STC-1) and our ULTIMA cables against any manufacturing defect or fault.
• The Lifetime Warranty only applies to the first purchaser of a new product from an authorised stockist. It is strictly non-transferable.
• The Lifetime Warranty MUST be activated within 30 days of purchase by emailing us direct with the model and serial number of the microphone or cable, date and place of purchase plus your contact details (name, email, daytime telephone number, town/city where you live).
• If the Lifetime Warranty is not activated within 30 days of purchase, it will only be covered by our standard two-year warranty.
• Any tampering with the product by the owner (opening the mic casing, removing or changing any parts including capsules and valves, trimming cables) will invalidate your warranty.
• If you need to get your product serviced or repaired, you should first contact the store where you bought your product or contact your local distributor who will arrange returns, repairs and replacements. Or you can email us directly.
• The owner is responsible for postage costs to and from their local distributor or direct to and from Sontronics HQ.
• If the problem is not covered by the Lifetime Warranty, the owner will be responsible for the cost of repair and/or service.
• When we receive the product, we will decide if the repair/service is covered by the warranty. If not, the owner will be informed of the potential cost before any work is carried out.
• PLEASE NOTE: Ribbons in our ApolloSigma and Delta microphones are not covered by the Lifetime Warranty. Please contact us if you need us to check, service or replace your ribbon motor. It is expected that with average use, you would need to replace the ribbon every 2 years. Contact us directly to arrange to get your ribbon replaced and the microphone serviced.
• PLEASE NOTE: Valve microphones are not designed to take phantom power and their circuits feature delicate components that can be damaged when phantom power is run through them. As stated in the product information booklet supplied with every Sontronics mic, you must ensure that phantom is not engaged on any device in your audio chain before switching on the valve mic power supply. Any damage caused through use of phantom power in a valve mic is not covered by our warranty, but we are happy to look after any repairs for you at a basic cost to cover any replacement parts and return postage.
• Our SONORA 2 preamp is covered by a standard two-year warranty.