Sound ID Education - Get a Free Semester on Us!

Free Semester Soanrworks

Sonarworks are offering their amazing Sound ID Reference calibration software for headphones FREE for a semester to students and educators.

Now you can get the benefit of flat response with calibration-adjusted headphones for the most accurate listening results. 

Improve your workflow, better understand your mix choices and learn faster with less impediment.

Its easy - just fill out the form below and we'll reply with a download link and a code. From there you'll have a fully-functional Sound ID Reference headphone edition until June 30. 

As one educator puts it: 

"I use Sonarworks to level the listening experience for all students in the class.  Pandemic notwithstanding, I have found that teaching critical listening on headphones that have all been “levelled” to as flat a frequency response as possible has empowered students to really hone in on EQ changes.  It also guarantees that every student is in the sweetspot without room coloration and stereo image problems that come from loudspeaker listening with a large group.

Knowing that all the students have this software and are able to perform EQ identification assignments without the discolouration of their often cheaper headphones has enabled me to have confidence that each student is actually “hearing” the EQ, not just the general volume differences.

It also turns one decent pair of headphones into to two, which I encourage the students to think about as they are mixing. i.e. that they should switch the calibration on and off to check translate-ability."

The signup period runs from February 1 through to April 1. Participants must register their code before April 1. The licence period ends June 30.

For a full ist of supported headphones - check here 

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