Tuna Knobs Supported Apps



TouchOSC turns your iPad or Android device into a fully customisable MIDI control surface that you can link up to any DAW or MIDI supported device. On iOS you can even use TouchOSC to control other apps running in the background through CoreMIDI. TouchOSC simplicity, customisability and sleek looks makes it one of our favourite apps.



Lemur, like TouchOSC, allows you to turn your device into a fully customizable MIDI control surface. Lemur has more features which makes it a lot more powerful than TouchOSC. However, this functionality comes at the cost of complexity and makes Lemur harder to get started with. But if you want to make sure you have every single control option available, don’t let this app intimidate you, it is the most powerful control software you can have.


Korg iElectribe

This quirky little app is based on the classic Electribe drum computer and is sure to be hours of fun for all electronic music enthusiasts. Stuffed with over 100 beats to get you started, this app sets itself apart by being able to record knob tweaks as part of the composition. On top of that, every parameter in the app can be controlled by another app like TouchOSC or Lemur via CoreMIDI.

Korg iMS-20

Based on the legendary Korg MS-20, this app lets you play around with truly characteristic analog sounds. Like iElectribe, every knob tweak in this app can be recorded as part of a pattern. On top of that, this app features a drum machine and pattern sequencer, allowing you to create full-fledged songs from the comfort of your couch.



ThouchAble is a great app for musicians that use Ableton Live. Like TouchOSC and Lemur, TouchAble is a control surface, but one that is completely integrated with Ableton Live. This allows you to create entire musical productions using just your iPad for control while the sound rendering is all done on a powerful workstation. This combination of power and flexibility is unique.


Image-Line Remote

IL Remote is another software specific controller, this time meant to be combined with FL Studio, one of the most popular DAWs out there. Like TouchAble, it gives you full control over a pc running all the heavy audio processing, using your iPad as a versatile controller.



This simple DJ app allows you to mix with two decks much like the standard DJ set-up at professional parties. With lots of sharing capabilities this app is great for DJs that want to let their friends in on the fun. You can use Tuna Knobs to control each decks equalizer and gain.



This somewhat strange but intriguing multi-effects processing app allows you to create many different sounds and atmospheres. The Alpha knob can be controlled using a Tuna Knob. Definitely an app worth checking out.